These magazines publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and they’re a mix of literary and genre markets. Not all of them are open through the month, so you have to send those works out as soon as you can.


This Canadian magazine publishes “quality fiction and poetry that shocks, surprises, moves, and tickles us. Maybe all of those things in a single piece.” They primarily publish Canadian writers, and also publish international writers. Pieces selected for online publication only are unpaid.
Deadline: 16 August 2022
Length: Up to 3,000 words for fiction (or up to 3 flash pieces, 1,000 words each), up to 3 poems
Pay: CAD25/poem and flash piece, CAD10/page for short fiction, up to CAD100
Details here.

Craft Literary

This magazine publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, essays on writing craft, critical essays, and book annotations. They also accept completed interviews/hybrid interviews, or pitches.
Deadline: Ongoing
Length: Up to 1,000 words for flash fiction and CNF, up to 6,000 words for short fiction and CNF, 1,500-2,500 for craft and critical essays
Pay: $100 for flash fiction and CNF, $200 for short fiction and CNF, $50-100 for craft essays
Details here.

This is an online horror magazine and podcast from Escape Artists. They are scheduled to read submissions for 10 days in August. They have extensive guidelines, including, “We’re looking for horror: dark, weird fiction. We run the spectrum from grim realism or crime drama, to magic-realism, to blatantly supernatural dark fantasy. We publish highly literary stories reminiscent of Poe or Lovecraft as well as vulgar shock-value pulp fiction. … Originality demands that you’re better off avoiding vampires, zombies, and other recognizable horror tropes unless you have put a very unique spin on them. What matters most is that the stories are dark and compelling.” They also accept reprints.
Reading period: 12-21 August 2022 (see schedule; and open for Anthologies and Collections from 2022 reprints till 5 August, see their Moksha submission system)
Length: Up to 6,000 words
Pay: $0.08/word
Details here.

Tiny Tales
Their website says, “Tiny Tales is a biweekly short story podcast spanning fantasy, horror, comedy, and everything in between.
Tales are under 30 minutes, perfect for daily commutes or quick story breaks.” They want fantastic, bizarre, and enthralling fiction, and the stories typically have some kind of fantastic element.
Deadline: 7 September 2022
Length: 500-1,200 words
Pay: $0.05/word
Details here.

Frontier Poetry
For New Voices, submissions are free, and open year-round; they want work from new and emerging poets only, with “no more than two full-length published works forthcoming at the time of submission—email us about self-published works”. They also have fast free response for BIPOC writers. They’re open now for a prize too, which has an entry fee.
Deadline: Ongoing for New Voices
Length: Up to 5 poems
Pay: $50/poem, up to $150
Details here.

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