EBOquills is a literary platform, which aside from promoting African Literature, seeks to be a clinic for creatives and a spa for stressed and distressed artists. We want to take hundreds of writers from the shadows and place them in the spotlight. Because we know that writing is a sojourn on a long lonely lane and it is difficult to stay sane with overdoses of silence and solitude. This is why we want to walk willing writers down this lane, offer pieces of advice, churn out writing prompts and simply be a reliable support system.

Everyone, however determined, gets to that point when they need a push. Just a teeny-weeny push to break a world record or in the very least, find their voice. There are not many platforms willing to offer this push especially as the service is not such as can be financially quantified. Writers have to go through the whole process all by themselves, limping sometimes and escaping into a hiatus to catch their breath before they continue.

Aside from the common soul malady of many a creative, there is yet another recurrent ailment which we like to call the rejection-letter fever. We don’t know one writer who has not admitted being hit so hard by a rejection letter. It is sad how our most loved (brain)child is often the prodigal son who leaves home (for a contest) with everything and returns with nothing. Bearing this in mind, we try to reach out to writers and help them finetune their works. We offer personalized writing advice and of course general writing advice for all and sundry.

To sum up, EBOquills is a showroom for the oyster shells we find by the shores of African literature. So, we are always open to submissions all year round, we are willing to read your manuscript, write a review for your book, edit your works and return them in a manuscript format, liase with publishers on your behalf, we want to midwife the best of poems, stories and writes, ghostwriting/be the surrogate mother for your book.

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