Men Like God 

Written By: Owolabi Awwal Olanrewaju The night is cool and calm, birds chirping, owls hooting. The moon is smiling sheepishly, and the trees, dancing rhythmically to the tune of the wind. Men and women are snoring in bed. Those who are awake are probably seeking…


Saturday Self-Scrutiny 

People say I use a lot of biblical allegories. Isn’t it something we should expect from a girl who at childhood, ate from the pages of the good book and shared its juice with anyone who cared to have some? It is true that my…


My Favourite Pastime 

A place, where I would eagerly volunteer is a rich library or book store, with lots of books on literature and just about any subject. There are two things about that place which I have grown to love. First, the silence. Second, books and the…

eboquills weird friends 1


Creatives are like walking (living) petrol tankers. The difference is that no one writes on our foreheads, “Highly inflammable. Highly explosive. No smoking”. When a creative person passes by fire (tough times) and there are visible sparks, everyone thinks “isn’t he such a wonderful firework?”…


Dear Heartbroken Girl 

When the vapor of emotions begins to sublimate, love develops wings and flies away like chaff, leaving you before a heap of regrets, biting memories and excruciating pain. It is not rare to see people who dropped their red hot coal of love on some…

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