Call for submissions

Several months since the relaunch of EBOQUILLS, we have continued to make notable progress. And some people ask how come there is always something new? And my answer is, “It’s about growth. There’s always something new for those who are open to growth”

I have shouldered all the writings on the website and I often get people asking me how I cope. Well, I just did. When you sit in the back seat and passion, behind the steering; there’s almost nothing that’s unachievable!

However, I feel it is time to put this out to you and all my amazing writer-friends who I have read over the years and still enjoy reading, we want to feature your poems, short stories, creative rants, book reviews, letters to your son/daughter/lover. We want to make EBOQUILLS a cocktail of voices. Like a fruit salad with many tiny bits of different juicy fruits.

So if your mind, just like mine is saturated and crystalizing poems, and creative pieces at various intervals, this one is for you.

Guidelines for submissions


-must have a title

-at least thirty lines (2-4 poems)

-no specific theme

– Creative rants:

Must have a title

300- 700 words

Personal experiences with high resolution images will have higher chances

Short stories;

300-600 words.

You can break your story into stand-alone fractions of up to 3

Book Reviews:

Books by Nigerian/African authors, especially new ones

300-700 words

Spoken Word Videos

60 – 90 seconds video

Submit a pitch for your video by filling our contact form

You are to upload an image that relates to your story/poem submitted. File size should not be more than 2MB


Whether we accept or reject your piece, we will send a notification to you within four-six weeks. IF it is an acceptance, the link will be sent in an email to the author on the day of publication. (If you include an image kindly state the source in your submission, so we can duly credit the photographer).


We can’t pay just yet but we will give a small gift to the writer with the most engaging content in random months. By the “most engaging content”, we mean the piece with the highest number of shares, comments and views.

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels