Written By: Henry P. Ugochukwu There is something about soul maladies which bring people to a point where their faith is so shaken. A point at which, when they try to hold any deity, it slips right out of their grip. Henry tries to share his…


Writing Contests to Enter in May 

The stay-at-home order is taking longer than we expected and it is draining for self-employed people and those who just reared their heads out in the entrepreneurial path. For most of us, if not all, writing is so much of a side-job or a pastime….


Bleeding (Part II) 

Written By: Ejiofor C.E.S That night when everyone had gone to sleep, Kamarana locked herself in the bathroom and cried. It seemed as if the whole day was uncoiling itself and recoiling on her, crushing her, shrinking her. She remembers her mother telling her to…