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One Poem By Abdurrahman Ardo 

This poem, “From a Bird’s Eye View” is a metaphor for survival. The poet uses a bird as a representative for all victims of a marauding world. Abdurrahman Ardo has a strong grip on language and his craftiness with words makes this poem worth sharing….

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One Poem By Alshaad Kara 

Alshaad Kara’s poetry is a window into broken souls. His poem, “Ictus” leaves one marveling at how pain can be beautifully woven into poetry. It is a pleasure to share this incredible piece with you. Kwaghkule Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) ICTUS I filled my…

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Two Poems By The Dark Poet 

The Dark Poet’s poems- “Uninvited Guest” and “Past glory” – are lamentations of untimely encounter with death. Written in honor of victims of fate, these poems contain ‘graphic pictures’ of how people stepped out armed with hopes and dreams only to meet death. Kwaghkule Jacob Contributing…