The First Twilight & the First Hand 

Written By: Nwàohà Chíbúzor Anthony The Poet, Nwàohà Chíbúzor Anthony tells a melancholic ‘story’ in the poem, “The First Twilight & the First Hand”. Love and loss, two powerful and universal themes are central in this piece. The emotion every line evokes is powerful! In…



Written By: Henry P. Ugochukwu There is something about soul maladies which bring people to a point where their faith is so shaken. A point at which, when they try to hold any deity, it slips right out of their grip. Henry tries to share his…


It Never Ends 

Written By: Henry P. Ugochukwu Henry writes about depression and mental health in such a beautiful way. His poetic expressions are vivid and piercing. They all sit on the gallery of the reader’s thoughts for days. Read this piece slowly. There is no guarantee that…


Death Unmasked (Covid 19) 

Written By: Eduardo De Bosco The Liberian poet, Eduardo writes about the new tempo of life in Liberia since the pandemic. The closing lines are full of hope and positive vibes. This is a beautiful poem written in the form of a letter to the…


Writing Contests to Enter in May 

The stay-at-home order is taking longer than we expected and it is draining for self-employed people and those who just reared their heads out in the entrepreneurial path. For most of us, if not all, writing is so much of a side-job or a pastime….