Olaseni Kehinde Precious embodies the multifaceted roles of a poet, content writer, blockchain researcher, and SEO specialist.

Mother’s Radiance

A majestic oak blooming towards the heavens

Like a sapling breaking through the fertile soil

An Unwavering lioness cradled me

A luminescence in life’s labyrinth

Through the night’s veil, stars dazzled

A vigilant sentinel, her wings unfurled

A sacrificial flame blazing with ardour

 Shielding armor from evil’s grasp

Her love, a beam amidst the tempest’s fury

Illuminating my path through treacherous seas

In each gesture, a symphony of untold tales

Whispering secrets of the mighty oak

With a shrewd heart, she reined me in,

Like a master sculptor shaping raw marble,

A regal vessel forged with artistry grace

To soar like an eagle in boundless skies

As years weave their threads upon my existence

Her love unfurls, blossoming like a resplendent flower

Torrential rain of blessings, an endless cascade of pure grace

To brighten my course amidst duskiness.

Echoes From A Shattered Homeland

Poverty sweeps my homeland like an army of scorpions, invading a barren desert. Its sting is felt in every corner, leaving behind a desolate wasteland of shattered dreams.

Our streets are a canvas for despair; children scatter across the neighbourhood on a Monday morning, asking for alms with meekness akin to a sinner on bended knee, fervently beseeching God’s mercy.

My homeland is rooted in murkiness, with the tendrils of evil spreading like insidious vines. In this place, humans vanish like delicate butterflies, fluttering away into the abyss, abandoning us in oblivion.

As I take each step, I am conscious of the paths where the shadows keep secrets, and like a hawk soaring high above, poised to seize its prey, the streets are a prowling ground, where robbers roam like hungry wolves.

This dingy place is flooded with vicious beasts, slithering through the shadows, ready to pounce upon women’s innocent treasures, like an angry mother nature wreaking havoc in her wake.”

In the north, the piercing sound of gunshots slices through the air like morning cock crows, abruptly jolting my brothers from their slumber. Like a relentless devil, fear grip their hearts tightly, suffocating their spirits with an oppressive weight.

Sometimes we hear my brothers wail from the hospital; a haunting scene, where tattered beds line the corridors, with their worn frames decorated like the confines of an asylum. Like valiant soldiers on a battleground, they ceaselessly gasp for air.

Until last night, I watched my shadow soliloquising, “When shall we exhume our happiness from the depths of despair, resurrecting it like birds with wings unfurled and soaring towards the heavens?” Perhaps not today, or tomorrow, but one morning, this veil of darkness will dissipate, melting away like a howling wind that loses its strength.

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Olaseni Kehinde Precious embodies the multifaceted roles of a poet, content writer, blockchain researcher, and SEO specialist. When not diligently optimising web pages for search engine rankings, Precious can be immersed in creating captivating content or crafting a literary masterpiece.

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