John Phebe Ifeoluwa hails from the western part of Nigeria. She is a poet and a neurodivergent writer. Phebe writes from Port Harcourt City.

From Lagos, With Love

The mosquitoes in Mushin,

Vampires at midnight—

Telling a love story;

Between your body 

And their proboscis

The feeling, so painful,

Keeps you 

On your toes

Till the next 


I Was There

In that playground,

With dirt on your fingers

Unsure of what the world really is

Your smile as 

Beautiful as the rainbow

I was there

Time rolled by,

You became 

A walking delight,

The fight was hard

You stole men’s heart

I was there

When you were in pain,

 I prayed for you

Your heart bled, mine did too

You couldn’t hold my hands

When you wanted to 

But I was there

The wreck you’ve been since I left

Leaving you confused

And hateful

You cried

I was there

Soon enough

You will forget me

When you hear 

The wind

And feel the breeze 

But remember,

I was there.

Contributor’s Bio

John Phebe Ifeoluwa hails from the western part of Nigeria. She is a student currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture at the University of Ilorin. As a poet and a neurodivergent writer, Phebe is passionate about literature and she likes to express thoughts and life through poetry.

She has had her works published in the Soulinspace magazine twice, a monthly publication magazine; a college anthology named “Zango X” and forthcoming work at the Mockingowlroosters. Phebe debates and sings at leisure. She resides in Port Harcourt City with her family.

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