Meshack Ifada is eighteen years. He is an aspiring poet from Nigeria with works in Brittle Paper, Spill Words Press, Jalada, and elsewhere.

Principle of Water

& it is true; the fruitlessness of washing

the knees. I know what i please to not be deliverance. I say; permit my dirt, cleansing

is but sisyphean. Straighten a leaflet’s leg, sooner it will reconcile to its comfort. It is

an ill-dressed evening, epoch, my mother do not flower of perfume. Sometimes, i am an unfilled grave. A stomach, protesting for spaghetti. My Desire, a garden of ache, aching. I reckon courtship the first belief. Wasn’t it this sofa, God was sprawl, inspired, crafting a church out of an inevitable. That, flu could be dictated. That, grief could if at all, be forgiven. Walk onto the altar, bones, a burning log. & say, blue into an ember. A prayer that won’t gift silence, as uniform. This is the ballad of a testimony: crave so cleaving, chaos flatters you.

Contributor’s Bio

Meshack Ifada is eighteen years of age. An aspiring poet from Nigeria. His works have appeared or forthcoming in Brittle Paper, Spill Words Press, Wax Africa Poetry Review, Jalada, and elsewhere. When he is not writing, he loves to play video games. Reach him on Facebook @Meshack Ifada and on Instagram @meshackifadapoet.

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