We made a list of writing prizes and contests for you to enter this June. Don’t hold back the awesome poems and stories you have written, send them out this June.

Extra Teeth

Theme: We do not set a theme for each issue; please feel free to send your best work on any topic.

Genre:  Fiction, Nonfiction, Essay, and Illustration

Length:  800 – 4,000.

Deadline: 01/06/2023

Prize: We offer £100 for each selected piece and Illustrators are paid £500

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The Dawn Project Competition 2023

Theme: Nature Resilience: The Beauty Of Our World.

“The Beauty of Our World” is meant to inspire contestants to explore and celebrate how nature has demonstrated resilience and beauty throughout history. Entries could focus on different aspects of nature, such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, or ecosystems. Contestants may also choose to address the threats facing the natural world, such as climate change, pollution, and deforestation, and how to mitigate them.

Genres:  Poetry, Essay, Creative arts, etc

Prizes: Millions of cash prizes to be won

Deadline:  05/06/2023.

See more:  here

Sin Cesar

Theme:  Climate

Genre:  Poetry, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Nonfiction

Length: 3-5 poems,

Pay rates:  $25 for one (1) accepted poem; $50 for two (2) accepted poems; $75 for three (3) accepted poems and $100 for others.

See more: here

Deadline:  01/06/2023.


Theme:  Open

Genres:  Personal essay, fictional story.

Length:  not more than 5,000 words.

Pay rates: €25

Deadline: 29/06/2034

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Samjoko Magazine

Theme:  Open

Genre: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, play, screenplay.

Pay rate:  $20

Deadline: 06/10/2023

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Antithesis Magazine

Theme:  Cosmos

Genres: Creative writing, Poetry, Artworks etc

Pay rates: AU$50

Deadline:  25/06/2023.

See more: here

Grain Magazine

Theme:  Open.

Genres: Poetry, Visual works,  Fiction, Nonfiction, and more.

Deadline: 15/06/2023

Pay rates: $50-$250, Artists -$500.

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Eboquills Submission

Our submissions window is currently open. We are eager to read your poems, fiction, and nonfiction; send us your best work, today.