This poem, “From a Bird’s Eye View” is a metaphor for survival. The poet uses a bird as a representative for all victims of a marauding world. Abdurrahman Ardo has a strong grip on language and his craftiness with words makes this poem worth sharing.

Kwaghkule Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry)

From a Bird’s Eye View

Isn’t it beguiling-

How these scrawny little kids

Bury their emotions underneath

Their skin

And between the pages

Of their journals

And instead of fences, they build

Walls to keep away from the world

Their plights

Easy do they have it-

With scruffy smiles waltzing around

Their lips as they slip into crowds

Behaving like survivors

When deep down they are

Still victims

Makes it hard to see

These kids as what they

Truly are,

Vessels filled to brim

With pain and loneliness

It’s way more easier to ignore

Their plights when everything

They say or scribble is termed


Contributor’s Bio

Abdurrahman Ardo lives in Tilden Fulani, Toro LGA, Bauchi State. A 500 Level student of Electrical/Electronics engineering in ATBU. Contact Ardo via

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