Iraj Shariq hails from Pakistan. She has been making remarkable strides in both the fields of dentistry and poetry.

The Mourning Dove

Two doves sat on the maple tree

They cherished enchanting love songs 

Their hearts entrapped in each other, yet feel so free

And have vowed to fly together all the way long

Moon holds its breath when they smile together 

Daffodils witnessed them frolicking in the rain

And wished the moment would last forever

Unaware that destiny would hit them with pain

One stormy night, 

Lightning struck their home

The thunderstorm became so wild 

Killing him, and leaving her all alone

The night was gone, and the sunlight appeared

Proclaiming to her the punishment of life 

While she mourned the death of her dear

On that day, deep within, she too had died

She never croons the love songs again

The rain weeps as now she loathes getting wet

The daffodils withered in their empty domain 

The moon who once beheld her smile was all set 

Creatures say she is fine 

Not a single tear was shed from her eye 

But how to them could she define

That dead souls are unable to cry! 

The Tears and the Depth

Alas! We met again

Exclaimed the majestic sea

Whenever we meet each other

We both feel a strong sense of connection

That is; the pain

I inaudibly tell it my sorrows

It calmly listen to my woes 

It seems as though a part of us 

Is created for one another

Once I finish pouring down my heart out

The glorious seashore whispers in my ear:

Drain all your tears in me

I do as directed 

And its waves carry all my grief away


Our little secret remains concealed from the cosmos’ eye

Because this world will never understand…

“The tears and the depth”

That we both carry within us.

Contributor’s Bio

Iraj Shariq, a talented individual hailing from Pakistan, has been making remarkable strides in both the fields of dentistry and poetry. She has had the privilege of collaborating with prestigious literary organizations and renowned magazines based in Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and America.

Her work has been prominently featured in esteemed publications such as Mocking Owl Roost, Rasa Literary Review, Fit with Words, Dovely Isi, International Literature and Arts Magazine, ARKORE Writes, Young Nation, V.shine, Badbaan, and Mahanam e Sehar. 

Throughout her journey, Iraj Shariq has garnered numerous accolades, securing victories in various competitions and earning certificates of distinction. Her unique voice and evocative imagery captivate readers and critics alike.

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