What Adeyeye James Oluwatobi refers to as “the re-visitation of grief” can destabilize anyone. The poet employs pungent metaphors to share a story that seems so personal but also universal.

– Editorial Team


Now that loss fills everywhere – I keep running, it’s not advisable to live in a room full of grey memories
Today is a shade of dreams greyed by hungry wolves, there is loss in every house, holes drilled into every heart by the re-visitation of grief
You may not live to tell the stories – yes, stories greyed by time,
Even if you’ve walked in its footprints for long,
Yesterday – a bloodbath was stirred by the religion of voices, today – a carnage vested by greed upon grasses, upon trees, upon birds
I want to tell the world
That there are songs stuck in my throat
In my head is a storm, mustering, choking the air in my lungs
I want to tell the world
That I feel what Dawn feels when the night overstays…
Loss has occupied the holes in my bones.
And I’ve cried, I’ve cried so much, to bleed grief away
But it’s still there – growing my thoughts into shades of unwanted memories

Contributor’s Bio

Adeyeye James Oluwatobi is an Electrical Engineer and a poet, he explores the intersection between human conditions and faith in his works, his works have featured or forthcoming in many anthologies and journals including odd magazine, Active muse magazine, libretto magazine, the Quills, and others

When Adeyeye is not writing he’s either sleeping or reading, he’s available on Twitter @Captaintee9