In Smiles of Pain, Aloysius S. Harmon Jr, enthralled us with such simplicity that is becoming scarce in contemporary poetry. Although the Liberian teen describes himself as an aspiring writer/poet, his careful selection of words reflects a rich diction which is a must-have for the genius of poesy. Aloysius is definitely one poet to look out for and it is such a delight to share his poem with you

-Editorial Team

My body is like a vault of pains
Deeply sculptured With laughter
And unbearable sadness.

My heart may hop to the happy noise
of the street,
But my mind has been flown
And left alone in the backyard of unhappiness.

Wholly in my stunning face
Are wounds of hurtful laugh
Oozing out the blood of painful smiles.

My eyes, dripping salty fluids
But silence won’t make you believe.

About the Author

Aloysius S Harmon Jr (Wordsmith) is an aspiring Grebo Liberian Writer/Poet of Age 17 years. He was born to the Aloysius S.Harmon Sr. & Karyor A. Karteh on December 08, 2002, at the E.L.W.A Hospital, Montserrado, Liberia.

He is a student of the Mother Patern College Of Health Sciences, Stella Maris Polytechnic University, where he is studying Biology as major and Chemistry, minor.

He completed High School Studies, in 2019 at the St.Gabriel Catholic School, Montserrado, Liberia. He’s currently serving as the Secretary-General of the First Alumina Association of the St.Gabriel Catholic School.

Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash