Edwin’s poem, “I’m Unable to Love the Girl in my DM” strikes a chord with contemporary love relationships. How it sets out with the fury of a wildfire, burns wildly like an inferno, and quickly smoothers into a stream of noxious smoke. In this poem, Edwin proves that love gone-sour, just like true love, re-invents people and we cannot blame those who put up high walls.

– Editorial Team

After Semilore Kilaso –

every time I log into facebook/
it’s like i’m seeing my scars in the dark like emojis/
trapped by messages notification sound like a car whose engine is on a failed mission

maybe she was the ex (as in X) to a broken equationship/
an equationship whose roots were probably undefined/
my DM is now a home where love is expressed & feelings are vomited

every time my green light pops on the menu/
i lose myself to a mortal bondage/
her eyes wanting to crack my bones & her words fighting to tear off my skin

don’t wanna smell her cologne/
i am too afraid of swallowing her thoughts/
cause relationships are synonyms of broken plates

just the other night when the rain kept me indoor/
i tried to create a conversation with the block button/
& i am too scared that i may need her someday

though her messages draw smile & i hope someday it makes laughter to another man/
i am like a caged bird craving for freedom/
just tired of scattering pieces of me like leaves during autumn

About The Author

Edwin Olu Bestman is a young Liberian poet, philanthropist, and civil engineer. He writes from his home in Monrovia. Some of his published works can be found at Nantygreens, Odd magazine, Literary Yard, Eboquills, and elsewhere.