Written By: Oluwafemi Babasola

Baby, I’ll walk this bridge
to you,
even if all my feet feel
is a thread strong as the
spider’s web.

Baby, I’ll fly to you,
even if it means diving
from this cliff with
untested wings.

I’ll lift these layers of skins
that cover me.
I’ll unveil these masks for you,
I’ll peel them till I’m as plain
as my bones,

bare as the truth itself.

Tell me,
why do I pour out my soul
into you like new wine
in new skins?
Why do I take you to the
room my heart calls sacred?

Tell me why my soul listens
with open ears,
waiting for when your mouth
will speak the truths I do not know.

This is the dream that steals my nights:
you and I exchanging gazes with no end,

peeling off skins till two smiles flourish
like blossoms,
shedding off secrets, masks, and truths
till we be plain as bones
till we are as bare as truth

Oluwafemi Babasola is a Nigerian poet and writer. He believes a man must cling to hope, even if it’s all he has. His poems have appeared on Bravearts Africa, Praxis Magonline, Kreative Diadem, The Rising Phoenix Review, Tuck Magazine, African Writer, Parousia, and Nantygreens.
When he is not writing, he enjoys conversations that challenge the mind to think. He lives in Osogbo, Nigeria. You can follow him on twitter @ twitter.com/babasola10on10

Photo Credit: Pexels.com