We know that one could be low on cash and resources but one should never be low on hope. Because, it is the currency we spend in the city of survival, the ticket to the tomorrow which we so dream of. In the poem, “Our Eyes Were Watching God”, Eduardo de Bosco writes about Africa as it now is, ridden with ” the aroma of fear”, but he does not stop there. He closes the poem with hopeful words which is what we believe is needed at this time. The poem is pleasant and timely.

– Editorial Team

We were born
In the land of dystopia/
Dancing to the melody of gunshots
We lived and fed on broken hopes
As the days and nights smelled/
With the aroma of fear and corpses

We secretly carried /
Lacunae carved from brokenness
And wore sorrows on pale melanin
Holding our lips from screaming /
From scenes of unwanted flashbacks
As the wind carried echoes of cries/
To sleep in yonder land

From hesitant lips/
Unaltered prayers fell
And drowned herself in our eyes’ salty lake
Still we hung above our trust
As our eyes were watching God

About the Author

Eduardo de Bosco is by birth, named Edward Boateng. He is a Salesian of Don Bosco, a Songwriter, historian, activist, and poet whose love for humanity and the values of society are the chief sources of his inspiration in poetry. Eduardo is a co-author of Amazon bestseller poetry anthology titled “ Breaking the Silence”

His works have been featured on global poetry platforms such as SpillWords, Praxis Magazine, Eboquills, We Write Liberia website, etc.. He has written a number of Socio-Politico poems as well as other poems which present striking interrogatives of his home country Liberia, of Africa and the world at large. His major themes are: liberation, reformation, restoration, inspiration, depression, sexual and gender-based violence, preservation, self-discovery, nature, religion, and identity

Photo by Wherbson Rodrigues from Pexels