Nigerian teen poet, Rita Azekwoh is the definition of ‘precocious.’ Her didactic poem, “Butterfly Effect” was delivered with what we would like to refer to as an endearing simplicity. Her art holds much promise and we are delighted to share this piece of magic with you.

– Editorial Team

i have heard about the butterfly effect,
but i never believed it,
it is the scientific theory,
that a single occurrence,
no matter how small,
can change the universe forever,
maybe i am that occurence,
and maybe this is where my story begins,
because there is always a story behind everything,
how a picture got on a wall,
how a scar got on a face,
sometimes the stories are short and simple,
and sometimes the stories are hard and heartbreaking,
but behind your story,
is your mother’s story,
because her story,
is where your story begins.

About the Author

Rita Azekwoh is an 18-year-old, who lives in Nigeria. She is really passionate about changing her country and the world. She wishes we can have a real-world, not just an ideal one.

Photo by Axksh from Pexels