Is there a better way to remind the world of the struggles of street hawkers than to write a poem with sharp lines that pierce right into our souls? Habeeb Ajinifesin’s poem, “Song from the highway” is what we would describe as a dirge for the living dead. You are welcome to experience this poem.

– Editorial Team

Come find me –

When the yellow yolk shone the brightest
when earth burned like furnace

Where, people swarm like bees
Bothered by how to settle their bills

Look carefully, I’m in between those cars
With my goods, dressed in beautiful rags

Despise me not for my skin is now a burner
Addicted to the heat and emitting river

Mock me not that my legs are the tires of a caterpillar
Bigger and feels pain no longer

My skin cannot become bored nor do my legs become weary
I will rest when I die, now, I will go hungry.

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Contributor’s Bio

Habeeb Ajinifesin is an undergraduate of Accountancy at the University of Management and Applied Science. He is a native of Kwara. He found joy in the work of arts, especially writing. His works have appeared in several publications, some of which are the S.S.M, Upright Magazine, and Pawner Papers. Connect with him Habeeb on Facebook.