“An Attempt at Portrait Creation” by Mhembeuter Jeremiah Orhemba, is a mélange of mesmerizing metaphors. The poet is brilliant and makes no attempt at tangling his words to sound grand. Indeed, true sophistication is in simplicity.

– Editorial Team

An Attempt at Portrait Creation

(i) Away and home feels like a distant past, a memory of long-ago, another life time even. And I’m afraid. Perhaps because maturity, at least for me, means a scraping away of the most important parts of the body.

(ii) The clock reads that time draws further away, closer to beautiful things, closer to damnation. The fogginess and uncertainty of everything makes my head a bowl of water. see, I want to make a wish: like, why all these to begin with?

(iii)Nobody knows I am a rattling machine. That day after day I try to stifle my neck to stop coughing out rolls upon rolls of longing. But the heart is a very determined thing. It fights for what it desires, unlike me, decimated by the swirl of time passing.

(iv)God, I used to wish to pluck your name and snap it into two. But it was not You, it were the people of blubbery, their searing teachings. God
I want you
the letters of your name bold
around my neck.

Contributor’s Bio

Mhembeuter Jeremiah Orhemba is an 18-year-old aspiring writer. He dreams of a world brimming with love. In his lowest moments, Pentatonix, Christiana Perri, and Calum Scott helps him through. You can reach him via his email address: orhembajeremiah@gmail.com

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