In this poem, the poet, Abdulfatah Oladayo Sanusi, seems to say, ‘we cannot come to the end of eulogizing the body of (a) woman’. All the verses, like beads on a bracelet, are just where they should be. The poem, an absolute joy to share!

– Editorial Team

The body of a woman

A little bit of poem, a little bit of music,
I learned early that the body of a woman is a complete piece of art.
From the lyrics on her breast, down to the sound that reside in between her legs.
It doesn’t take magic to love a girl,
But to explore her body, I think a song won’t be enough.

So let me love the woes on your chest,
I know that I can only try, but to paint you into a picture,
I have learned that a canvas won’t be enough.
To write you into an ocean,
I have learned that ink won’t do.

For your body is sacred,
let me worship you tonight.
I’ll sing, I’ll dance and breath in rhythm to
the grinding of your hips on mine.
You legs wrapped around my waist,
I’ll read your lips like they are another love poem.
For this temple of your clit and nip,
I’ll be a Buddhist forever.

I know I won’t be able to hear your scars,
I’ll love them but their songs, their poem,
No matter how well you sing their eulogy,
I don’t think I’ll be able to recognize the flaws in your body.

If your body is a religion, then let me worship it into a god.

Contributor’s Bio

Abdulfatah Oladayo Sanusi hails from the southern part of Nigeria. He is currently pursuing a degree in the department of Electronics Engineering at Abubakar Tarawa Balewa University, Bauchi.