“Sugar on wet Sand” by Omodero David is experimental and daring. The teen poet seems set to take the poetry community by storm and our fingers are crossed.

– Editorial Team

Sugar on wet Sand

“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
Surely I have a delightful inheritance”
Psalm 16:6

Tonight, Let the broken children of the rain
Say Amen to the Wind’s prayers
As he whistles their arms & legs / into shallow graves where they melt
On the bodies of all things shattered/let their auditory shadows
From where they lay / on the porous bed of the clouds wash themselves
In the sharp-edged ablutions, their bodies grind into
For tonight the whole country is convicted of murder / & we sleep /our Bloodbaths
Flowing down the spillways of our consciousness
You will Imagine this land,
And then in one thought / compose a dirge / that wraps the whole
Of our history in one monotone /
& memorize again / the indifference in the first & last lines
But when the Lord would turn again the captivity of Zion / we would be like men that dream
Folded bodies swaying in hammocks / a bereaved breeze whispering of
An eternity where a songbird S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d its notes over a wasteland covered in desolation—
Voices jarring against one another beneath the Tectonic plates of Memory
Tonight, Lightning is partitioned from its voice as its white crooked tongue travels through the sky
Oomphless In search of healing among stars honing their edges & sprinkling
White dust into the air like confetti / to settle on our own dust—sugar on the wet sand.

Contributor’s Bio

Omodero David is a seventeen-year-old Nigerian writer and poet who hails from Delta State. He’s fascinated by the way Poetry stylistically takes on themes as Loss, Memory, and familial love. When he’s not on his desk, or on his bed, trying to form worlds. You may find him eating. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Pride magazine Nigeria, Palette Poetry, Nantygreens, Agbowo magazine. You may reach him on Facebook only, at Omodero David

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