Liberian poet, Abunic Sherif II seems to have taken extra care to condense his emotions into these two poems which satisfy the didactic needs of the wit, without letting the thirst of aesthetes go unquenched. You will love every verse of these poems.

– Editorial team


sweet little son
precious one

eyes of rainy clouds
skin of black fur

my little river without end
the dark is a friend

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Poem From The Moment After You Left

for Korpo

after Sabrina Benaim

& the truth is
i didn’t cry/ on the sidewalk.
i slipped in the taxi
choked out a greeting the driver didn’t hear
& plugged my ears
with J. Cole’s verses over the Afro-Pop drums.

the truth is
i faked it
when you texted me
from the office saying you’re scared
you’re leaving, and you’re scared.

i said:
‘i don’t even know what to say (crying emoji)’

what I should’ve said was:
‘hug me & let’s cry together.’

the truth is
10 minutes after you left
i felt my eyes drinking and spilling
the distance laid out in asphalt
as i stare with blurry vision at the only good picture we ever took
& realized

crying is another form of goodbyes.

Contributor’s Bio

Abunic Sherif II is an emerging Liberian writer and poet. His works have been featured on Eboquills, The Ducor review, and elsewhere.