FOC Ikwuemesibe is a retired schoolmaster, an engaging lover of the art of teaching who still pens at least a poem a day.

This Night

 this night under the moon

as we sit by our firelight

and munch away on skewers

and the breeze caressing our bodies

i feel your bright eyes searching

my deep heart 

and say to you

faint not and look unto

my undying love

joyfully playing the lyre

tunes only us understand

saved from the prying darts

of foes stalking our safety

jump for joy that goodness

of above has adorned

our union in garments so bright

that no dirt can touch


it is like a hazy morning, peeping,

to find the path of treading,

yet the lines remain blurred.

such a task I have of it,

daunting task of summative jots

to say and mean, and mean to say,

the seasons numerous 

in a few lines!

let my barn bear witness,

that I came, and planted,

and the harvest, abundant.

let me measure in weight,

whether liquid or soft,

I have gathered weight.

some took my heart, yeah,

others have my mind;

none has got my form

formed many years before I came,

getting hard, stronger o’er time.

that which I plod away now,

having amassed weight high

up enough to mold forms

clean from the pure,

there withdraws.

let my picture hang here,

let my body detach and leave,

yet my being remains unchained.

Contributor’s Bio

F. O. C. Ikwuemesibe is a retired schoolmaster whose literary interests have been smothered by limited funds, and yet has refused to let the fire die out. An engaging lover of the art of teaching, Mr. Ikwuemesibe presently interacts with the young ones even in his retirement.., and still pens at least a poem a day.

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