“Mystery” by Agboola Abidemi Kaothar puzzles the reader with philosophical submissions. It presents what often was thought of but was never so well expressed as Alexander Pope puts it “…how water finds serenity in the stomach of a coconut is a mystery…” It is an absolute delight to share her work with you.

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 


I never knew//tears could eat the soul of a mat//

but the life-less one//where body rests her feeble body//

made me realize how toxic tears can be//I look into

her eyes//the eyes that rescue an ocean//words free

themselves from my mouth//mother//why will mother

Earth never stop bathing me with feces of poverty?//

then she uttered //because life is full of mystery//how water

finds serenity//in the stomach of the coconut remains one//

then my thoughts traveled around the universe// in bewilderment//

I have been able to connect stars to make an arrow//

but my back aches//whenever I try picking her shredded words//

to make a whole//if how water finds solace in coconut is a mystery//

why then didn’t she talk about watermelon? //maybe mother is scared//

to let me know//I have made an oath with poverty//and her words remain my saviour//

for I keep pondering//how she finds harmony//in shredding her words//

with her tongue//perhaps//the day I put them together//success shall be a grease//

I can rub on my bleeding skin//and my wish//to fly on the wings of wealth//shall stop

falling into my dreams// for that reason for her action still remains a mystery.

Contributor’s Bio

Agboola Abidemi Kaothar, is a young emerging Nigerian writer from Osun state. A student of Obafemi Awolowo University. She finds serenity and joy in writing, she believes she can make the earth fertile with her ink, and be the voice of the voiceless through her writings. Some of her works have been published by Artslounge magazine, Threposs magazine, and Palette magazine.

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