Have you got some writers in your corner, and you’re wondering, ‘what do these weirdos want?’ Contributing Editor, Kasim Shalom made a list of 5 experiences every writer looks forward to and how you can help them get those experiences.

As writers, there are over a million things (literally) that we wake up to: feelings, emotions, fantasies and desires, Sci-Fi Cloud-9 emotions, bla bla bla. . .

Writers are amazing people! Sometimes why we consider them weird and boring is because we do not understand what they need!

We have compiled a list of five experiences that every writer dreams of, and how you can help

1. Attend a Nobel Prize Award Ceremony

Although you may say that the Nobel Prize isn’t the sole indicator of a successful and brilliant writing career, you may not successfully argue that so well!

The Nobel Prize in literature is awarded to writers who have shown and coordinated their writings towards changing the society positively, what else is the goal of every writer than celebrate writers who have done that!

The Nobel Prize award ceremony takes place at the Stockholm City Hall, Sweden, on 10 December – the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. At the ceremony, the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and the prize in economic sciences are awarded to the Nobel Prize laureates.

Every writer looks forward to attending that ceremony to celebrate writing that goes into positively changing the society. Last year, the award ceremony was streamed from the City Hall in Stockholm. The Nobel Prize laureates had received their medals and diplomas in their home countries due to the covid-19 pandemic.

This year, you could secure a sponsorship deal for your favourite writer to Sweden, or at least, get him an internet subscription to stream virtually!

 It’d be an experience not to forget!

2. Listening to Their Favourite Writer Reading

Stephen Kings, Wole Soyinka, Dan Brown, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Robert Greene. . .and the list goes on!

An experience every writer would appreciate is to see their favourite writer reading their texts. They get to view the writer, than imagine things for themselves. When writers sit at their desks to write, they pick up a great book, read to get inspired to write, and write. As they read, they develop a picture in their mind, which would remain blurry until they hear him speaking in a book reading event.

Every now and then, it’s important to come out of imagination and discover what’s going with their favourite writers in the real world!

You could help by recommending them, and sharing flyers of scheduled reading events. . .or, by sponsoring their adventure to their favourite writer’s book reading

3. Live in an Isolated, Dark Room With Dogs, Cats, and Peacocks

Okay, this is my obsession.

Writers are introverts with a million questions!

Their energy slips away in social situations until they are fully exhausted

Einstein locked himself away, and when he came out, he came out with objective laws of physics and developed two powerful theories that has helped and revolutionized science!

Beethoven, in his attic isolation, composed masterpieces that have provided a basis for a whole new era of music!

Writers could do same, if you gave them space and silence!

Help them by respecting their ‘Do not disturb’ sign, and shutting TF up, and allowing them quiet with their pets!

4. Changing Their Environment or a Change in Environment

Making changes to a writer’s environment makes it easier to write without having to worry about staying motivated. If a writer’s environment is set up, writing comes easily, and a motion for many masterpieces is set!

These changes you could help them with include

Having a sitting area in your writing room will encourage more frequent breaks, which can help boost a writer’s productivity, as well as covering the wall in front of the writing desk.

Set your own books on the bookshelves to remind you how far you’ve come.

The wide white table attached to the wall unit makes it ideal for spreading out research and reference books.

If you can’t afford to make these changes for them, you could as well just get them sponsorship for a year at Iowa or The Library of Congress!

5. A Heartfelt, Genuine 90-Second Kiss After Getting an Acceptance Letter!

Writers need this . . . a lot!

Writing is a solitary job, a real dangerous one at that. Imagination pervades even thing about them. Even, love. They hardly fall in love because they have a two-fold gift; imagination. Sometimes it’s a curse, sometimes, it’s a blessing.

If you happen to be their lover, bravo; you’re dealing with a rare species!

After all the rejection letters, ‘We are sorry to inform you. . .’, ‘However. . . ,’ and ‘We encourage you to try again. . .’ emails, the ‘We are glad to . . .’ and ‘Dear WRITER, congratulations. . .’ emails are coming. When they do, s/he deserves the sweetest kiss of all times; it encourages them to put more effort!

All the times s/he’s going through that mood swing because of a rejection or a ‘no’ letter, save your sweetest kisses for when an acceptance comes!

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