Are you a super busy person who dreams to become an author? You do not need to wait until you retire from your regular 9-5 job to turn your author aspiration into a reality. Our ghostwriting services are here to help you achieve this.

Not many know that, sometimes, all it takes to be an author is an idea. That one blockbuster idea! You do not have to go through the ‘torture’ of sitting down, hours on end, punching away on your computer to be an author. If you are a very busy person our top-notch ghostwriting services got you!

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is one easy way to get a book out when joggling multiple daytime jobs and tending to a family. It allows you to hire the services of a writer who would develop your idea until it becomes a full-fledged book, novella, or whatever. The writer who is hired is referred to as a ghostwriter because his or her name does not go as the author. The authorship reverts to the originator of the idea, who has fully paid the writer.

While there is no fixed amount to be paid for ghostwriting services, the aspiring author and the writer must agree. Remuneration will, however, be based on the following:


Is it creative non-fiction, in which case the aspiring author narrates a story, and the writer fleshens the skeletal story? Something like an autobiography or a memoir. Is it a fictional story for young adults or children’s book? The work in both cases is quite different. Hence the cost will be completely different.

-Word count:

Is it a novella (up to 30,000 words), or a novel (over 30,000 words)? is it a short story of 5000 words? The writer puts this into consideration before charging the aspiring author.

-Expected date of delivery:

How much time does the writer have to complete the work? Say, the aspiring author wants to have his book out before his 75th birthday, which is one month from today. Just so he could launch the book at his birthday party. One month is such a short time to finish a memoir and the ghostwriter will make the aspiring author pay more. But if he has over six months to get at the project before delivery, he would charge less.

-Status of the aspiring author:

Writing for a celebrity is completely different from writing for any random person. The writer will consider the status, and position of the aspiring author before naming his price.

Eboquills ghostwriting services

Except what you are look for someone to write your thesis, which is illegal in some universities, Eboquills Ghostwriting Services can help you turn your idea into a bestseller without any hassles. Time, whatever constraints cannot stop you from telling your stories, let us do it for you.

Our ghostwriters are cordial, easy to talk to, creative and have super-imaginative minds. Once we have your idea, we would simply send you a list of questions which you would answer before we proceed to send in our quotation.

Now that you know we can be the surrogate mother of your book. How about we work together to turn that idea of yours into something you would be absolutely proud of?

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