We believe that a good book is a gift to the world. Knowing that authors put in a lot into the making of one single book, well-meaning members of the writing community support them with reviews. Omis Carter’s review of Ehi-kowochio Ogwiji’s poetry chapbook, ICEBREAKER, is warm and sensational.

– Editorial Team

I invite you to come take a riverboat excursion through the crystal-clear waters of the heart, mind, and soul. Feel the wind at your back as you immerse yourself in this oasis of words. You will be at once quenched and refreshed, droplets of Summer rain on your tongue so bittersweet. 

Ehi-kowochio Ogwiji extracts rays of bright sunlight from the darkness as she brilliantly and effortlessly navigates the intricacies of the human condition. She performs a delicate ballet with her balanced and strong use of metaphors. Emotional intelligence pervades every page while she choreographs her exquisite dance of the heart.

She starts with a blank canvas, painting a picture with words using every hue of the rainbow. The red and orange of the burning sun express the passion and urgency with which she writes. Ehi -kowochio uses her quill to ignite strong emotions and deep understanding within us. The finished product is an embroidered tapestry that will be etched in the reader’s mind.

Take a healthy bite from this freshly picked apple, for these poems are meant to be digested slowly and deliberately. Imagine yourself peacefully sitting under the shade of a flamboyant tree on a warm Spring day, a whisper of a cool breeze in the air. Or on a loveseat bench by the lake watching the geese swim in formation. Each line and stanza are delivered with precise stealth, a vaccine for any current ailment.

Gather around the fireplace with a steeping cup of tea and feel the delightful sensation of Ehi-kowochio‘s lexicon coursing through your veins. Icebreaker is the vessel and Ehi-kowochio Ogwiji is your Captain.

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About The Author

Omis M. Carter is a basketball coach and occasional poet, but an all-time lover of poetry and didactic literature. When he is not spending time with his cat, he takes a long walk along the beautiful Ellen Lake, watching the geese and taking pictures. Omis lives and writes from North Carolina, USA.