“Listen” by Benyeakeh Miapeh is an erudition about the complexities of nature. It urges humans to pay more attention to the sounds of nature. This Liberian poet avers that there’s positivity in the ways of nature, most of which man often makes negative conclusions about. “Listen” is a poem that calls for a rethink…

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 


When the lightning smiles,

let fear not boil your blood

for my voice will be deep in the thunder scream,

give ears when the cloud gets shadowy

and the rain is dancing on your roof,

listen to the wind when the trees dance

look beyond the wave of the oceans

as it chases itself off the shore,

for my eyes will be smiling in each tide

when the sun oozes down the ocean,

as hummingbirds sing lullabies,

as the wind stands still,

listen to those lyrics

from the sounds of crickets  beneath your window

for  I’ll be flying on the wings of a butterfly

listen to nature

for I am in every sound you hear.

to paint your heart with kisses,


Contributor’s Bio

Benyeakeh Miapeh is an aspiring young writer from Liberia. He’s a student of civil engineering at the University of Liberia. He has his poetry works in many online magazines and on other websites such as PoetrySoup, Spillwords, We write Liberia, League of poets, and many others. He believes in expressing his thoughts through poetry.

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