The poem, Melodies with my Pillow, uses subtle imageries to unveil to the reader the plights of one who has been hurt and only returns to his/her pillow wailing, counting marbles of the night as if in a conversation with an unknown force pulling him/her to say more in few words. Diah Youlo’s brilliant poem is like a peep into a darkened soul.

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

Melodies with my Pillow

So thin in thick air/

My voice, never been heard

But walls stood there keeping a gist of my secrets/

And let me hope for what it’s worth/

To share with you the things of my heart, 

and take away the pulse with a pause/

Again I’ve tried,

Again I’ve counted the scars,

It all ends with one big lie/

Just the two of us,

A deal to never let go, yet see a narrow end/

You tell me smile is the remedy, and silence is the recipe, 

but for how long will my ordeal be?

By your side, my ears will stay, and keep the tone in cubes, 

for all nights of broken pieces remain a puzzle to unveil/

Clouds filled with tears, pillow whisper above my bed, 

sailing with every drop, I told my fears/

Contributor’s Bio

Mr. Diah Brains Youlo is a certified instructor of biology and chemistry, an Early Childhood Developer/ Secondary educator, and Lab. technician amongst several disciplines. He’s passionate about his contribution to Liberia and the world over, he’s a youth advocate on Gender rights, Climate justice, Land rights, a writer, and humanitarian. His favorite quote is ” If a nation seeks to be great, youths should be given opportunities to make the policies that affect them.” Contact him via email at

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