World Poetry Day message from Eboquills Creative Director, Ehi-kowoicho Ogwiji.

Every March 21st, we join poets around the world to celebrate the freedom of expression we found in poetry. We celebrate the ability to taste words in their most concentrated state. Poems are the oyster shells we find by the shore of sublimated thoughts. We take the time to reflect on what poetry is to each of us.

My favorite thing about poetry is its volatility. The (poetic) license to break the rules. To be creatively adventurous. I think of this art as the craft through which anyone can invade uncharted territories of the mind. Hence, with poetry, my creative juices pour like a waterfall.

Our message to poets on World Poetry Day.

As we mark yet another #WorldPoetryDay if you know a poet whose craft has been a blessing to you, reach out to them today. Write a review of your favorite poem and tag the poet who brewed the magic. Send a fan email, slide into the DM of a poet you enjoy reading. You never know how much a pat on the back would mean to them.

Don’t wait until you need someone to write your wedding toasts, vows, anniversary texts, and Valentine’s poems before you dial up a poet.