The poem, “About Time” is a lamentation over the political and social realities in Nigeria. Sam Kichoka makes a case for an aversion of the oppressive conditions that come with the weaponization of poverty. This reads like a protest poem and a lamentation at the same time but it makes a delightful read.

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

About Time

It’s about time

They beat their gongs

And promise to lick our pain

Yet beneath every word lay thorns.

It’s about time

They roam the streets of the

Common man with mints as it’s

The norm just to bait us into misery.

It’s about time

We refuse to sway to their tunes

Like the leaves do to the wind

Else our teeth gnash and bodies ache.

It’s about time

Exchange of hands

Fail to birth the

Beginning of our end.

Contributor’s Bio 

Sam is a young writer and a graduate from Nigeria, hoping to impact the world through his writing. Send him an email via

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