Alobu Emmanuel alias Noble Alobu, believes nature holds a great deal of magic. His pieces & poems are featured/forthcoming in “agape review”, “nantygreens”, “celestite poetry”, and elsewhere.


—for Victoria.

When you sing,

the Nightingale listens

in a bid to steal your tunes.

Songbirds flutter their wings

from trees to tree,

fighting to gain audience

with the one that sings.

Your blooming voice gratifies

the creatures of the forest;

after a long day of work,

it lures them to rest.

Tell me, songflower, 

when will your buds flower again?

when will your petals ring?


there are many hearts in pain:

butterflies are fading,

the bees are turning their backs,

we need your singing pills

to help heal our ills.

The Way.

Two love birds mistakenly find themselves

in a cathedral

& desperately look for ways out.

Love 1 flies to the window by the left,

Love 2 follows.

Love 2 flies to the window’s right,

Love 1 follows too.

The priest gives the homily;

‘anyone who sets on a plough &

 looks back,

is not fit for love’

At the corner of the pulpit, 

an altar server is drowned in his own thought:

say, I do not break bread, 

I do not wear white,

I’ll become a bird

& take flight:

me & Nkiru. no,

Maureen & me.

Somewhere in the congregation, a boy

wonders at the wanders of the fledglings; so naive.

Mouth agape, his little eyes

trailed the tiny creatures:

this way! …no, that way! oops!

It’s transubstantiation. the priest raises

 the host. he annunciates;

‘dear friends, look… the WAY, the truth, the life’

the boy turned his gaze,

the altar server stole a glance from his


with the corner of his eyes:

Somewhere amidst the stained glasses,

there is a WAY.

Contributor’s Bio

Alobu Emmanuel alias Noble Alobu, is 1/4 of the Noble Poets (NPs) who believes nature holds a great deal of magic. His pieces & poems are featured/forthcoming in “agape review”, “red penguin collections”, “nantygreens”, “your”, “celestite poetry”, “echoes of fantasy anthology”, “zeddtribe magazine”, and elsewhere. He is the social media manager of THE WRITERS’ PEN, NIGERIA (TWPN). Being an ardent lover of nature, Noble enjoys spending his leisure time in the garden, where he once worked as a horticulturist. When he is not writing or observing nature, he reads novels on adventures or listens to didactic/nostalgic music. He tweets at @noble_alobu_

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