Olowo Qudus’ poem is a representation of a thousand dreams and their point of convergence. It depicts the fate(s) of sojourners, the stories they string along as they journey, and the trouble of the road. Olowo Qudus does a good job at capturing the most delicate details such that the reader can almost touch the 3-D imageries, all of which sparkle with a melancholic brilliance.

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

A Travelogue : The Griefs & Ruins Outside Our Walls

i sat beside the transit window/ wondering about the woes/ that carved young ghetto boys/ into wolves with fractured dreams/. on the road/ are thousands of weary heads/ carrying their grief/ on their backs like/ teetering turtles threading a labyrinth path/ along with their/ tattered shells/. an old woman behind me/ complained of how her scars/ still shudders in her shadow/ & those nights/ she had metamorphosed into holiness/ seeking the sacred breath/ of god. i glared/ at a man who rode a bicycle, across the highway/ his body soaked/ with purging pores/ of vanity. his face/ portrayed a rebirth of rues/ & failed choices/. the road bustled/ with different people/ of different souls/ & of different fates/. everyone seems to remain/ a burden/ to themselves. i saw platters of ruined homes/ munched by the wandering whirlwinds/ which left the occupants naked to the cloud’s mourning heart/. i read my diary silently/ in the bus/ as if no passenger/ is willing to listen to my sad tales/. every page was gravid with nostalgic moments/ i meant the days & years/ i spent drooling on my lover’s tender thighs/ with less caution/. i thought her soft words/ were the panacea to my ailing mind/ until she left me to heal & nurse my wounds alone/. the driver rode into a/ plain street/ where happiness & love is a cliche/. i could simply read the dwellers blissful faces/ like A,B,C….. they were reincarnation of good old hearts/. the dusts there/ raised into an halo of solaces/ i felt myself craving to live there/ to find a place better than/ the thresholds of home/ but i remember grandma’s clause/ that: another man’s home is like a dungeon to a stranger. a little girl from the street/ grinned at me courteously & i felt like a stranded butterfly/ whose wings were welcomed back/ by the whimpering wind. i beamed back at her/. she had the rarest of all smiles but sooner— we left the street/ in a blink of an eye/. & i felt satisfied seeing/ a place still blooming in bliss & tranquility. we kept riding along different places/ with different fates/. then— we came across/ some sad rural bairns/ whose ribs were contoured by hunger/. i could see their desperate pretty irises/ like that of mocking hyenas. i saw putrefied bones on the soil there/ i heard those bodies/ were devoured by hovering ugly vultures/. these soulless people/ were destroyed by the vicissitudes of war/ wars triggered by men of power/. the politics of living there/ was to survive by murderous arms & flints to slay each others throats/ onto the earth’s crib. we-the-passengers/ groaned & prayed in silence. we poured/ our saliva into fervent prayers/ & screams. we begged/ for mercy & rebirth. we clogged our weeping palms/ together & chanted ethereal hymns/. & we lost our breath to/ forgiveness—for/ we couldn’t stand the dreadful state of that place/ & we eventually rode off / to mourn these tales in our various destinations & abodes. 

Contributor’s Bio

Olowo Qudus Opeyemi is a Nigerian poet, rapper, songwriter & performing arts enthusiast. Most of his poetry works have appeared in Brittle Paper, BPPC anthologies, Con-scio Magazine, SprinNG Afro-Eros anthology, Zango X anthology(2021), NSPP anthology(2021) & elsewhere. he was a 3rd runner-up of the Unilorin SU Writers Competition 2021, also a longlist of the Nigerian News Direct Poetry Prize 2020 & also made the top entrants of the Nigerian Student Poetry Prize(2021). He was also shortlisted for the  Albert Jungers Poetry Prize(2021) & a  longlist of the Annual PIN Food Poetry Contest(2020). Qudus is currently a Sociology undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. He’s also a proud member of the “Unlorin Elites”, a writer’s association in his school campus. When he is less busy, he explores politics, humanity, afrocentrism, religion & every other fascinating things in the world.  

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