Sharp. Soft. And moving. Are words that came to mind as we read “Lonely Soul”, written by I B Adebayo. It purrs at the reader’s mind like a pet running into the safe arms of its owner on a stormy night. We loved reading this and we are very thrilled to share it with you

– Editorial Team

Lonely Soul

After a savage day
I walked miles
To the beach bar
When the sun returned home.

The spirit of the waters
danced for joy as she beat
against the shoulder of the shore.

The palm trees seemed to lean
on the night, standing like
sad mourners as though
they saw Pharaoh drown.

As darkness crept in, deepening
the shadows, silence
even the water murmured
as its whispering hand
slowly beat the beach.

Then I heard her voice
like the whisper of Hades
“I am here”
I froze, my ears straining
trying to locate her voice

But her voices had died
Silence came again
just the whisper of the waves
And I am as lonely again as the sun.

Eight years I seek her like Christ,
The years she thought as fun in the park.

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Contributor’s Bio

I B Adebayo┬áis a 20-year-old young aspiring poet. He hails from Oka Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, where he currently lives. Aspiring to study at the prestigious University of Ibadan, where he applied to. He’s a former prefect at A.C.H.S Ogun State, where he studied. He has written a number of works unpublished works. This is his first digital appearance.