Liberian Poet, Azaiouris Y Zeon, took extra care to empty scintillating metaphors into the poem, “when a woman holds your neck.” The lines are bold and like yarns of wool on the nip of crochet pins, they intertwine into such a beautiful whole. We are thrilled to share this poem.

Poetry Editor, For Eboquills

when a woman holds your neck

valleys will grow into your bones
& lightning will strike inside of your ball & socket joints

the sutures connecting your head
will disjoin into armies
& fight against themselves

for the first time, you’ll mend a moon
over a dark silhouette

you’ll dig out rainbows from your anus
& cardiac muscles will grow in your teeth

you’ll become a failed skin
rubbing lotion of lies

your cheekbones will kiss your clavicle
& your burning desire will be
“leave my neck & hold my body”

Contributor’s Bio

Azaiouris Y Zeon is a 17years old emerging Poet. He writes from Paynesville, Liberia. He’s a student at the University Of Liberia majoring in Biology and minoring Chemistry with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences.

He wants to become a Medical Doctor by profession.

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