My oracle says I should find purpose before partner. How shortsighted mysteries can still be. Even mysteries cannot fully demystify this epiphany that I will be. Before I begin to learn the fatherly lore of earthly wisdom & philosophies, somehow I had known who I’d be. In my belly is a book that maps out my act every day. How do I tell this oracle, my purpose won’t find expression till I find this partner? I mean she’s my destiny. For how many more years will this purpose continue to ramble? I need a woman as I go hunting for my survival.

To you, Unjunwa, my destiny, our journey doesn’t have to be smooth all the way. Dissents may punctuate our paths with potholes & pitfalls. But, those are our beautiful flaws. What matters most is that, after all the fights & more pitfalls, I can’t complete another & you too would have a chasm within you. A sore. That only my stubborn self can heal. My face is innocent. But nay! I’m not cool. My epiphany shares mystery as life. – a two-sided coin. I’m an antithesis. Fiery but merciful. Smart but skeptical at some point. Boisterous but soulful. Agile in mortal frailty. Born on a ragged mat but within me are treasures untold. So, look for no perfectionist but I’m one in my surrealistic realism. I’m an idealist.

I know you must think I sound incongruent. And I can be. I know you too must be some sort of, and there lies my headache. Finding you is like poetry I must unknot. Till then, I’d be finding you my destiny. In the end, when I see you, you may initially doubt your Messiah for he comes for a manger. But do be quick in your discernment to know he’s come to stay with you, completing your beautiful flaws forever.

Olajuwon Joseph Olumide is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Great Yabatech. He has won the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Prize thrice. A Soul Singer. Teaches English Language & Literature at Private College in Iyesi Ota. His writing has been featured on WRR, PIN journal ,, minute magazine & elsewhere.

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