Chima Christopher brews beauty in his poem. With lines clear as the first ray of the morning sun, the poet sends home his message without ambiguity. In “Red Twilight” the persona hopes that only death separates him from his lover. This poem is a compendium of love’s most realistic tales told in one elegant piece. Kudos to Chima.

Kwaghkule Jacob, Contributing Editor (Poetry).


I’ve longed to love you

to hold and to kiss you

and I would have,

if the world was a bit different

If dawn never broke

if the moon was all the light we had

If the ocean held my weight

and I could run across the Atlantic

If money grew on trees

and gold on the flowers in my backyard

If breasts didn’t sag

and death couldn’t promise to do us part…

My poor heart,

Our poor hearts…

I’ve learned to look the other way

every time the clouds paint your face

and the birds sing your name

This world was not made for love

if it doesn’t end in pain

It’ll end in the grave…

Contributor’s Bio

Chima Christopher is Nigerian and has walked this planet for 24 years. His poetry has been featured in the African Writers Review and Afritondo. He dreams of owning real estate on the moon and listens to Taylor Swift every chance he gets. He can be reached via email at

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