Life teaches many lessons via ordinary things and poets often volunteer themselves to harvest and share these lessons with the world. We are pleased to see how Bobbybryan Uzoma does this in these two brilliant poems.

– Editorial Team

You never know what you get

earth is an exquisite restaurant
with grumpy waiters.

you are either served meals
not listed on the
or meals never
requested for.

if the greens stay green
& a not so
grumpy waiter waits your table

you could place an order for a
saffron risotto
get saffron risotto

with a
sticky toffee pudding

for dessert.

I know a rebel

everything is a weapon in the hands
of the rebel. serve him lies & watch it

become a gun in the armament of his
heart. he coughs terror & smokes fear from

the lungs in his skin. with the tip of his
conscience he tastes the air searching

for clues to his livelihood. today he dies
in the fields but tomorrow rises like

ash swayed by a promiscuous wind.
pronounce heart without thinking about:

red, black or purple blood.
define murder without gnashing the teeth
on your skin.

heart & murder—beloved equipments to the rebel.
one prevents his dying; the other buries bodies in

the sky—each cloud is a casket & the horizon,
his graveyard.

About The Author

Bobbybryan Uzoma is a twenty-five-year-old Nigerian writer. He is the author of a poetry book titled: The Artist, which he self-published. He is a Scrabble and Chess enthusiast. Before he begins any poem or project, he offers a prayer to The Muses; to seek inspiration and guidance.