Jide’s poem, “Caesura” closely resembles a skilled short distance athlete. The poem starts off on its strongest foot and speeds through the reader’s mind with such gusto that won our admiration at the first read. What is more commendable is how the poem arrives at the finishing line, only after leaving bold footprints on the reader’s mind. We are pleased to share Jide Badmus’piece of magic with you.

-Editorial Team

Sleep is sanctuary—
man’s trouble is seduced,
stripped of its ferociousness.
Here I am safe
from nagging worries
until the alarm shrills.
The sun wakes me with a kiss
where he’d bruised me yesterday.
Life is turned on, again—
I won’t go down on my knees today.

About The Author

Jide Badmus is an electrical engineer, inspired by beauty and destruction; he believes that things in ruins were once beautiful. Jide explores themes around sensuality and healing. His literary philosophy is wrapped around ambiguity and brevity. He is the author of There is a Storm in my Head, Scripture, and Paper Planes in the Rain; curator of Vowels Under Duress and Coffee poetry anthologies. Badmus writes from Lagos, Nigeria. You can reach him on twitter @bardmus, IG @instajhide, & email jidebadmus@gmail.com

Featured Image: Pexels