Written ByAbuoya Eruot 

i want to vacate earth without experiencing death

each friday sermon,
i yearn for a place that’s not even safe for god

in plain language,
my depression makes me tiptoe/
jump out of my body into heaven/ for a dire aid

but the atmosphere spins at an unprecedented
degree/ & an angry sun melts down my prayers
into silence.

i possess all it takes to erect smiles on an orphan’s
a mother/ a father/ two loved ones & a lover;

yet i am still a virgin to the fragrance & taste
of bliss.

Abuoya Eruot writes from Paynesville, Liberia. He’s a budding poet and a worshipper of music, who gathers muse from personal experiences, happenings in society, and nature.

Photo Credit: David Mceachan, Pexels.com