George Worjlor’s poem “For the Brother Who has Fallen Asleep” is a beautifully woven lamentation written in honor of a beloved. The persona writes epitaph [though grave-less-ly] in a grievous ink as farewell lines for the deceased, urging the deceased to sleep well wherever sleep meets him again.

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

For the Brother Who Has Fallen Asleep

I rather not write you these in words

 but my lips refuse to speak

 so I will write you a poem in silence…

when I saw how you hold your breath & birds fled from your nostrils

your body became a kaleidoscope of dead butterflies, so

I sometimes answer “amen” to your prayers for death

to be acceptable in your next life…

like on many nights when I felt it was your final night…

I mean those late hours’ wailings

like wounded wolves, my ears got addicted to interpreting songs of death

I knew you’ve been dwelling in mortal wounds

like forever & I only pray after your death 

your body gets cremated because

mommy said when you die

you die from an unending bitterness

sitting behind those cracked bones

where your marrows are burning

how could fire gain existence from a living body 

& I heard doctors telling mom you suffered cold in your legs

Contributor’s Bio

George Worjlor Flumo is a first-year sociology student at the University of Liberia and a volunteer at Smiling Faces International (field Coordinator for sfi write Liberia). He’s an emerging eccentric writer, storyteller, and poet. One who’s immensely addicted to African, English literature & art.  With so much passion for reading and desire to write more. He writes from the narrow belly of his room.

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