When the vapor of emotions begins to sublimate, love develops wings and flies away like chaff, leaving you before a heap of regrets, biting memories and excruciating pain.

It is not rare to see people who dropped their red hot coal of love on some guy with a bag of ice for a heart and then the flames fizzled out, leaving them with dead coals of hate.

The sad truth is, what one benefits on the platform of friendship is enormous compared to the crumbs which fall off the table of ‘love’ nowadays. A lot of lovers are too busy saying “I love you” that they don’t have spare time to show love. Whereas friends don’t say those three magical words often but one feels the love in their every touch and warmth in their words.

In this cold world, where everyone is searching for warmth, heartbreaks abound. When a cool guy comes your way and begins to make fire beside you, he warms both your heart and body for a couple of months after that he drops you inside the fire and watches you as you burn to ashes. There is no better term for this than ashes for beauty. The boy proceeds to use you as extra ‘firewood’ to keep himself and his next girlfriend warm.

My candid advice to the heartbroken is this, after a heartbreak, give your heart a break, forget about your ex and think of what’s next!

How do you forget such fond memories? You might want to ask. I’ll tell you.

Simply think of all the ill things you didn’t like about him and how he saved you the trouble of living a life with that, by walking away.

For instance, if your ex was a forgetful person, breaking up with your him, would save you the trouble of having to deal with his forgetfulness.

Imagine that it all went well and you ended up as a married couple, he would forget the PTA meetings of your kids, forget their birthdays, forget your anniversary and birthday. You might just have lived all your life reminding him like a phone reminder app.

Or let’s say if when growing up, he always had family issues; say, a father who wasn’t a very good example.   He is not likely to make a good father because an apple does not fall far from the tree on which it grew. After all, as they say, it is; like father-like-son?

Magnify his flaws and soon you’d be glad he told you off. You cannot afford to get your self-esteem crushed because you were jilted.

On a final note, I’d leave you with an excerpt from Christina Perri’s song “I Believe”

”……. I believe that the words that he told you are not your grave …..”

So get up and keep living!

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels