In the last few days of October, The Fountain Magazine announced its opening for her 2019 Essay Contest in an edited release thus:

“We at The Fountain believe that every voice should be heard and that challenges have a capacity to offer insight into our a person’s lives.

We all face new challenges in our lives. They can go from massive undertakings like relocating to a new place, starting an academic journey or sometimes as simple as, routine tasks, such as getting out of the bed in the morning and other ordinary activities which depression can turn into insurmountable challenges.

We want to hear about your challenges and how you mentally, physically, and/or spiritually prepare for them. How do you find strength when you feel it does not exist? And what have you learned, or are you learning, from your challenges?”

The Fountain Essay Contest prize is worth $2,100 to be shared among 5 brilliant essayists in this order

Ist Position – $1000 2nd Position – $500

3rd Position – $300 2 honorable mentions – $150 each

Entry Guidelines for The Fountain Essay Competition

Write an essay on the theme, “my challenges and the lessons I learn(ed)”.

Word count: Make sure it is between 1500 & 2500 words.

All essays must have a title.

You can only send in one entry

There is no entry fee or age range for entrants of this contest.

If you use an idea or statement not original to you, please add a reference but ensure that your references do not exceed 3 – 5.

Consistency with style is very important. Don’t use ‘color’ in one paragraph and ‘colour’ in another paragraph.

Particularly essays that emphasize the superiority of a specific worldview or derogating a specific worldview—will not be considered for the Grand Prize. If the prize is your aim bag religious fanaticism and radical political personal view.

Grading of essays will be based on s the following criteria: Relevance to the contest theme (40 points), Innovation & creativity (30 points), and Writing style and structure (30 points)

To submit, fill out the form, attach your document and send your essay via on or before March 1, 2020

Winners will be announced on the 1st of May, 2020

For more questions & inquiries, visit The Freedom Magazine

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