The theme of this issue is Identity. we seek submissions (stories, poems, essays, art & photographs) that set us apart and yet give us a sense of community.

CỌ́N-SCÌÒ MAGAZINE is accepting original poetry, prose (fiction and non-fiction), art, and photography for Issue 2/Volume 1 [July 2022] until June 30th. The theme of this issue is “Identity.”

The question, “Who are you?” is surprisingly one of the most difficult to respond to. Names and tags and titles quickly come to mind. Religion, gender and sexuality are some other classifications with which we try to define our identities.

But these taxonomies fail to reach the depth of what makes us human. Who we are is beyond biometrics or nomenclature—these are mere masks, mists over our essence. What attribute or feature really defines the true nature of a person beyond their identity— gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, tribe, spirituality?

We love it when a story takes us to a part of the world, or a state of mind, somewhere we’d otherwise not have access to; stories that we can deeply connect with; stories that have the power to echo in our minds long after reading and that reveal our humanity.

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