Judith Maikaho, through her poem “Before It’s Too Late,” views the world through eco-critical lenses. Her poem is cautionary because it sends a strong warning note to all abusers of Earth and Mother Nature. I am very happy to share this work with you. Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

Before It’s Too Late

Grandma pointed to a field

So dry I could not believe

Great harvest it once did yield

But now it cannot conceive

I used to swim in the stream

What plastics and dirt now do

It seems to me like a dream

By Jove! what can I now do

I am confined to my bed

My lungs are craving for air

’cause fumes and smoke have said

Poison shall now replace air

Refugees trooped to my town

Violent floods have fought and won

Burying food that had been grown

Bringing famine in the morn

And yet by our very hand

Ignoring nature’s message

We destroy our only land

Putting our lives In a cage

Everyone gets this message

If these destructions persist

We can’t plan for the next age

A world that might cease to exist.

Contributor’s Bio

Judith Maikaho is a nocturnal empath whose life revolves around writing, mysticism, rain, Aljazeera and dogs- with regular bouts of ennui. Her works explore diverse themes, have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Pacific, Trouvaille Review, Nnoko Stories, Kalahari Review, Literary Yard, and Caritas Newspaper. She writes from Gombe, Nigeria.

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