Written By: Naphtali Festus Adda

1:13 am.
i think of Prudence. how she flashes her teeth. how she weaves words like a basket. her beauty. her baritone voice – my phone rings, it’s another message from Quora digest, it reads; what is a black hole?

// a black hole is a space/volumes of space where gravity is extreme enough to prevent the escape of even the fastest-moving object. not even light can break free //

my crush is a black hole. i can’t escape or break free from.
anytime my kid sis asks for a painting of a beautiful lady. i will paint my crush. I will write a poem attached. not just a poem, but one that would mold a heart into shapes of love.

1:56 am.
a mourning sound found its way into my airpods. it’s the voice of my neighbor. she’s praying. how can i send my request across? through signals? or morse codes?

another message again. it’s my crush. the black hole swallowing me.

Nigerian born Naphtali Festus Adda is an undergraduate, a creative writer, a poet and a photographer who is interested in capturing weird moments with his camera.