Written by: Edwin Olu Bestman

A Liberian poet writes about COVID-19 and the situation of things in Liberia

Here we are again
Losing our love ones
It’s raining harshly in our city
COVID -19 ruining our homes
And tears rolling off the windowpane

Silent screams!
Different voices playing in our heads,
The news is heartbreaking and soul-wrenching,
The streets of Monrovia are deserted

Mama’s voice penetrates our ceiling,
with deep emotions: “Stay home! Stay home
Handshakes must be avoided”
Sadly, our elbows or feet are meant to show gratitude

Through our rise and fall
They have been our only friends
But night has befallen before us,
And sadness sleeps on our faces

We are losing our grounds,
The innocent falling to the red earth,
Siblings soaked into absolute agony
Touch one, touch all

BBC breaks our hearts into pieces on
a daily basis,
Sleepless nights!
Good news has stepped out for days,
And COVID-19 is the devil in fine linen

Edwin Olu Bestman is an award-winning poet, philanthropist and a civil engineer. He writes from his home in Monrovia.

Photo Credit: cottonbro, Pexels.com