Without a doubt, the poem, “After High School” by Ivan S Fiske Iv will resonate with so many. It will floor you with a heavy bout of nostalgia, bring you some of the warmth of your bubbly teenage life and leave a big smile on your face. We are thrilled to share this with you!

-Editorial Team

After High School

After high school,
you will no longer steal a friend’s pen.

Your heart will be chambers of memories
missing the best moments you had in class with your mates.

The fun,
the games,
even the bullying
and the Romeo and Juliet drama
would no longer exist

After your high school exit,

you will miss
walking around
the noisy aisles of the classroom

The walls of society will put us in different houses,
based on our dreams,

After our high school exit,

There are things, we did in high school

and won’t escape from its chains.

while you’re there
enjoy every moment of the “HIGH” to your best
because after high school
the “SCHOOL” becomes different.

Contributor’s Bio

Ivan S Fiske Iv is a young talented writer from Liberia. His works have been published in several magazines, such as Spillwords, We Write Liberia, and so on. He is currently a senior student of the ELWA Academy.